June 2019 | Kary Youman

June 2019 | Kary Youman

Kary Youman was just 12 years old when he learned that the man he called his father was not his biological father. Fast forward to age 37, Kary found out that his biological father is Robert Palmer,  a Grammy nominated song writer. On June 7th, Robert flew in from Arizona to meet with Kary for the first time. “The only thing that came to mind was gratitude,” says Youman.

On June 21, Kary shared his inspiring story about humanity, healing, and bouncing back when life knocks you down.











KGW8 -TV covered the story of Kary meeting his father for the first time. Watch the interview here: After cliffhanger Tedx Portland talk, Kary Youman finally meets his biological father

*Watch Kary Youman at TedX Portland.*

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